I Am Director Cato

      I grew up in Atlanta, GA moving from school to school and home to home. As a kid, the only thing on my mind was basketball I lived and breathed it. As life pretty much hit me in high school, I had no choice but to drop out and get my GED. My passion for being a Film Director started back in 2012. I was a freshman in college simply doing youtube videos with my friends on campus. After departing from school in 2013, I was stuck with the choice of what to do with my life. I decided to join the army. While in the army reserves and moving from job to job, I just couldn’t take it knowing that I was destined for something greater. One thing about me if the feeling is right, I go for it. 


      I am now running my own film company Cato Mac Films where the main focus is music videos and cinema. Where one day, I will impact the world with my mind in film.